Vehicle Price List - 2012 Can-Am
Information Regarding Our Inventory
  • Prices maked with a true reflect any applicable dealer or manufacturer rebate(s) already subtracted.
  • If a unit is on order, a deposit will hold your unit at the listed price.
  • A limited number of units are orderd, call or email for availability.
  • All prices include prep / freight to dealer / any other dealer fee.
  • Prices DO NOT include $60.00 fee for title work on all ATVs, side by sides, street bikes, and trailers (licensable units) and Colorado Sales Tax.
YearModelOption MSRPOur Price* 
2015Spyder RT-S Special EditionRed / Black201094$29,249.00Request Quote
Side-By- Side
YearModelOption MSRPOur Price* 
2015Commander 1000 XTCamo200874$16,749.00Request Quote
2015Commander 1000 DPSLight Grey200872$14,299.00Request Quote
2015Maverick 1000 XRSDPSWhite/Black/Red200871$18,899.00Request Quote
2015Commander 800R XT Yellow200880$14,599.00Request Quote
2015Commander 1000 XTYellow200879$15,899.00Request Quote
2015Commander 1000 Max XTYellow200971$17,899.00Request Quote
2015Commander 800XTCamo200972$15,449.00Request Quote
2015Commander 1000 XTBrushed Aluminum201034$16,749.00Request Quote
2015Maverick 1000R Turbo X dsWhite/Gray/Green201037$22,099.00Request Quote
2015Commander 800R DPSYellow201038$12,999.00Request Quote
2015Commander 1000 XTWhite201016$16,599.00Request Quote
2015Commander 1000 DPSYellow201072$14,299.00Request Quote
2015Commander 800 XTWhite201073$15,299.00Request Quote
YearModelOption MSRPOur Price* 
2015Outlander 800 Xt MaxBrushed Aluminum200881$12,699.00Request Quote
2015Outlander 800 XT MaxCamo200882$12,699.00Request Quote
2015Outlander 450 L DPSYellow200883$7,299.00Request Quote
2015Outlander 650 XT MAXCamo200885$11,849.00Request Quote
2015Outlander 650 XT MAXYellow200961$11,349.00Request Quote
2015Outlander 800 XT MaxYellow200962$12,199.00Request Quote
2015DS 90XYellow/Black200963$3,699.00Request Quote
2015Outlander 650 XT Yellow200965$10,349.00Request Quote
2015Outlander 450 L DPSLt Gray200966$7,299.00Request Quote
2015Outlander 650 XT Camo200967$10,849.00Request Quote
2015Outlander 6X6 650 XTLt Gray200784$13,649.00Request Quote
2015Outlander 800 XTCAMO200968$11,699.00Request Quote
2015Outlander 800 XTYellow200969$11,199.00Request Quote
2015Outlander 500L DPSYellow or Light Gray201012$7,899.00Request Quote
2015Outlander 650 XT MAXBrushed Aluminum201076$11,849.00Request Quote
2015Outlander 450 DPSCamo201137$7,799.00Request Quote
2015Outlander 650 XT MaxWhite201133$11,749.00Request Quote
2015Outlander 800 XTWhite201134$11,599.00Request Quote
2015Outlander 800 XT MaxWhite201136$12,599.00Request Quote
2015Outlander 650 XTWhite201139$10,749.00Request Quote
2015Outlander 650 XTBrushed Aluminum201140$10,849.00Request Quote
2014Outlander 650 DPSGrey200709$9,599.00Request Quote
2014OUTLANDER 650 XMRYEL/BLK200310$10,399.00Request Quote
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