Vehicle Price List - 2012 Yamaha
Information Regarding Our Inventory
  • Prices maked with a true reflect any applicable dealer or manufacturer rebate(s) already subtracted.
  • If a unit is on order, a deposit will hold your unit at the listed price.
  • A limited number of units are orderd, call or email for availability.
  • All prices include prep / freight to dealer / any other dealer fee.
  • Prices DO NOT include $35.00 fee for title work on street bikes/trailers (licensable units) and Colorado Sales Tax.
Utility ATVs
YearModelOption MSRPOur Price* 
2014GRIZZLY 700 EPSBLUE/RED/GREEN200361$9,499.00$8,799.00
2014GRIZZLY 450 EPSCAMO200360$7,549.00$7,249.00
2014Grizzly 350 4x4RED200379$5,599.00$5,399.00
2014Grizzly 550 EPSBLUE200380$8,699.00$8,099.00
2014GRIZZLY 550 EPSCAMO200362$9,149.00$8,549.00
2014Grizzly 700 EPS 4x4 SEBlack200543$10,099.00$9,399.00
2014Grizzly 450 EPS 4x4Red200551$7,199.00$6,899.00
2014Grizzly 450 Non EPS 4x4Green200552$6,399.00$6,099.00
2014Grizzly 350 Non EPS 2x4Red200553$4,699.00$4,499.00
Sport ATVs
YearModelOption MSRPOur Price* 
2014Raptor 700R SEMidnight Blue200554$8,799.00$8,299.00
2013Raptor 250 2x4White w/Graphics200224$4,599.00$3,999.00
Side x Side UTVs
YearModelOption MSRPOur Price* 
2014VIKING EPS W/SUN TOPGREEN200382$12,699.00$12,199.00
2014VIKING NON EPS W/SUN TOPRED200383$11,699.00$11,199.00
Motocross Motorcycles
YearModelOption MSRPOur Price* 
2014YZ 450FBlue200359$8,490.00$7,990.00
2014WR250FBlue & White200536$6,990.00$6,490.00
2014YZ250FWhite & Red or Blue & White200537$7,490.00$7,190.00
2014TT-R50EBlue & White200539$1,540.00$1,490.00
Off-Road Motorcycles
YearModelOption MSRPOur Price* 
2014WR250FBlue & White200536$6,990.00$6,490.00
2014YZ250FWhite & Red or Blue & White200537$7,490.00$7,190.00
2014TT-R50EBlue & White200539$1,540.00$1,490.00
2013TTR 110BLUE WHITE200368$2,240.00$1,799.00
Dual Purpose Motorcycles
YearModelOption MSRPOur Price* 
2014XT 250 EBLUE200352$5,190.00$4,890.00
2014Super TenereBlue200739$15,090.00$14,090.00
2014Super Tenere ES Matte Gray/Matte Black200740$16,190.00$15,190.00
Super Sport Motorcycles
YearModelOption MSRPOur Price* 
2014FJR1300A (standard)Red200535$15,890.00$14,890.00
2014FJR1300ES (adjust. suspension)Red200529$16,890.00$15,890.00
2014FZ-09Liquid Graphite200530$7,990.00$7,690.00
2013YZF-R6Red & White200051$10,990.00$9,290.00
Star Motorcycles
YearModelOption MSRPOur Price* 
2014BOLT R-SPECMatte Gray or Camo Green200189$8,290.00$7,790.00
2014BOLT Black or Pearl White200190$7,990.00$7,490.00
2014V-Star 650 CUSTOMSILVER200387$6,990.00$6,490.00
2014V-Star STRYKER CUSTOMGRAY200388$11,690.00$11,090.00
2014V-Star 250RED200385$4,340.00$3,840.00
2014V-Star 250 WHITE200386$4,340.00$3,840.00
2014RaiderRed and Black200534$14,990.00$13,990.00
2014Stratoliner DeluxeCrimson Red200512$17,240.00$16,240.00
2014Raider SGalaxy Blue200513$15,790.00$14,790.00
2014Raider SCLMatte Iron & Matte Black200514$16,990.00$15,990.00
2014StrykerMatte Gray or Impact Blue or Candy Red200515$11,690.00$11,090.00
2014V-Star 1300 TourerBlack200520$12,390.00$11,890.00
2014V-Star 950 TourerBlack200522$9,790.00$9,290.00
2014V-Star 950Candy Red200523$8,690.00$8,190.00
2013Raider SRed 200033$15,690.00$13,240.00
2013Road Star Silverado SBlue200036$14,990.00$11,740.00
2013V-Star 950 TourerBlack200424$9,690.00$8,199.00
YearModelOption MSRPOur Price* 
2014Zuma 50FX (4-stroke)Blue & White200532$2,590.00$2,390.00
2014Zuma 125Orange200531$3,390.00$3,090.00
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